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I began taking White Crane Kung Fu in 1995, at the mississauga school. In 1996 I had the good fortune to meet Sifu Lorne Bernard, who was the instructor at two schools in the Montreal/Laval area in Quebec, and was again fortunate to be able to attend his school and train amongst him and his students. I was astounded at the level of expertise, passion and skill in which Mr. Bernard practiced and taught the rare art of the flying crane system, which was passed down to all that participated. In my opinion, there is none better.

Jim, 46

Having the privilege of learning Flying Crane system under Shifu Bernard for nearly ten years has brought my understanding the word "art" to another level. It is a glimpse into a distant culture where masters blended refinement, skill, patience and practice to get things done. It is a fascinating journey filled with unique and valuable teachings. Guaranteed to keep you in shape both mentally and physically!

Yan G.

I've been missing the sweating and sparring, the camaraderie. So many strong willed, tough and determined people in my school.
Seriously, If you're looking for a traditional martial arts school, and are lucky enough to live close to mtl, you should seize this opportunity to be a part of something real, and true.

Anita, 32

I always loved martial arts and at the Academy I found everything I was looking for: serious training, an efficient self-defense style, and teachings that go way beyond fighting techniques. Shifu Bernard and his team have redefined my vision of martial arts and the practice of White Crane Kung Fu is now an important part of my everyday life.

Louis-Pierre, 37

I was always interested in martial arts, and had dabbled in various styles, but didn't find something that really captured my interest and kept it until I met Shifu Bernard. From the moment I walked into the school I could see that the Flying Crane style taught at the White Crane Academy is authentic and true to its roots. You won't find flashy techniques that aim to please on a stage here. What you will find is effective, no nonsense, tried and proven techniques that stand firm in the ring and in self defense situations. Shifu Bernard and his team of highly skilled assistant instructors are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about disseminating their art to all who are willing to listen. I can't explain how truly lucky I feel to have found such an excellent school and instructor.

Steve B., 32

I first started white crane in 2007, back then I had more than 10 years experience in kickboxing. When I saw the flying crane done by Shifu Lorne Bernard I immediately found an art that would take my skills to the next level. Being a martial art not a sport, white crane is not limited to certain aspects of combat it embodies the whole picture. Another great feature is how the system is designed to help the practitioner develop physically and mentally. It trains the body as well as the mind. I am now much stronger, calmer, and able to control my temper and relax. Thank you Shifu Bernard for everything you have taught me.

Kheir, 28

It has been my honour and pleasure to train with Shifu Lorne for 13 years. Shifu Lorne is a master and teacher of a living martial art with a clear ancestral lineage. He and his corps of instructors provide clear and deep instruction of both theory and practice, working within both traditional and modern teaching methods. The Flying Crane style is a balanced and complex system, and has a depth and beauty that reveals itself as your own knowledge increases. Life has not always let me train at the Academy continuously, but I find myself coming back again and again thanks to Shifu Lorne's passion for his art, the dedication of his instructors, and the motivation of my brothers and sisters in White Crane Kung Fu. Thank you.

Jeremy, 42

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